Here you can find all the interviews I had during the trade shows.

Alan Shaw from Harbeth at the Munich High-End 2018

Van den Hul at the Munich high-End Show 2019

Chad Kassem  from Analogue Productions at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 

Jeff Jacobs from J-Corder at the RMAF

Michael Fremer  from AnalogPlanet at the Warsaw Audio-Video Show 

Tim de Paravicini at the Münich High-End Show 2019 

Janine Elliot - A Reel Queen from the UK 

Frank Schröder at the Münich High-End Show 2019 

Stefan Dreischärf- Managing Director of the Munich High-End Show 2019

My interview about Garrard Revival at ths Munich High-End Show 2019 

Bruno Bonetto ClefAndNote owner 

Stefano Bertoncello- a legendary audiophile and a great storyteller!